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Feeding Guide

The general rule of thumb when feeding raw dog food is to give them 2-3% of their ideal body weight.  So for a 50lb dog they should get 1 block per day.  2%= 1lb=1block.This still varies dog to dog so once you finish the transition stage it’s important to watch your dogs weight and adjust accordingly.
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You can check your dogs weight by observing their ribs. You should be able to just see or just feel them when you run your hands over them.

Transition to Raw

This again depends on the each dog’s stomach. But to be safe if you follow the guidelines below it should go smoothly. 

Day 1 - 90% Kibble 10% Raw

Day 2 - 75% Kibble 25% Raw

Day 3 - 50% Kibble 50% Raw 

Day 4 - 25% Kibble 75% Raw

Day 5 - 0% Kibble 100% Raw


Some things to note:

  • Observe your pets stool as you go through these stages. If they have diarrhea take an extra day before moving to the next stage.
  • Don’t leave the food out. If they don’t eat it in 10mins pick it up. That’s it for that meal.

  • You can either feed them 1 once or twice a day. Dogs under a year should be fed 3 times a day if possible. 

Common Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. Have a question that isn't listed? Click below.
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